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Over a hundred visionary founders of web3 projects have joined forces, crafting this unique collection that will set a new bar. 


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Pow is a game changer, our intentions are to make a positive impact on the blockchain. With our multi-community approach, together these communities aim to cause a roar on the internet, resulting in massive attention to benefit those involved in making this phenomenon a reality!

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Supportive founders will receive unique utility-based rewards from secondary proceeds, marking a pioneering initiative in the web3 space. Our aim is to alleviate funding burdens and help these founders advance toward their goals without the usual financial stress inherited by project founders.


POW holders are granted a VIP membership to Founders Alliance Web3. This entitles you to endless whitelist, airdrops, and free mints from our affiliated partners. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to actively participate behind the scenes and engage in one-on-one interactions with various founders.


POW directly supports founders, bringing them closer to their goals. This translates to increased value for both the founders and holders. As we create more successful projects, the blockchain becomes more attractive, drawing investors back in and sparking the early stages of a bull market.

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Hundreds of Founders and their communities united to form one powerful collection. 





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